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Wonki Phellinus Linteus 153

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Wonki Phellinus Linteus 153

WONKI treat our customers like our family so we will provide customers with best quality product only thinking these are for our parents and our children.
“A blind man’s world is bounded by the limits of his touch; an ignorant man’s world by the limits of his knowledge; a great man’s world by the limits of his vision”





Polysaccharide was purified from mycelial culture of Phellinuslinteus(PL) and its effect on immunocompetence of normal splenocytes was observed. Also it has effect of 96.7% retarded rate of tumor.
Reported phellinus linteus’s study is all about wild mulberry tree’s natural phellinus linteus, and its ordinary.


  • Wonki Phellinus Linteus 153
  • Bataglucan which is phellinus linteus’s principal ingredients has effects on prevention and impediment of tumor, immunopotentiation, stimulating the circulation of blood, merofibroma, menstrual irregularity, vaginal[cervical] discharge, strengthen stomach.
  • Pure phellinus linteus 100% pouch product
  • 80mlx5px6box{p}/set